PANGEA Development Co. | A World of Difference
PANGEA Development Co. | A World of Difference

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St. Louis’ Commercial & Residential Development Company

Pangea Development, LLC was founded in 2005 as a land investment, development and management company.  The vision for Pangea began years earlier with its founders and partners, Sean Goding and Terry Bordeleau, who were seeking a way to develop profitable LEED certified commercial and residential real estate developments. Each Pangea project benefits:

  • Its Investors
  • The Local Community
  • The Global Environment as a whole

Over 30 years of combined real estate development expertise including experience in construction, project management, public relations, marketing, and sales form Pangea Development’s corporate structure. Supported by a dynamic and talented operations team and advisory board, Pangea’s vision of creating design-oriented, environmentally friendly and sustainable developments is rapidly establishing a stronghold in today’s marketplace.

Pangea Development exemplifies a company that believes in success through action. The use of cutting-edge technologies, proven time management techniques, strategic marketing, leadership development and mentoring of team members are just a few of the key factors in Pangea’s continued minimization of risk and maximization of success.