Making Sense of it All

Simple and relatively inexpensive ways currently exist for one to take advantage of the many scientific advances being made in “green” technology. This is great news for the residential real estate owner and potential home-buyer’s bottom line. As there is an ever-increasing amount of new “green” products appearing on the market each month, the Pangea Team has decided to highlight a few (existing or upcoming) on a bi-weekly basis. Enjoy!

Green Product Review #1: What $50 investment can you make that can possibly pay you back in one month? Simple, investigate a programmable thermostat! A programmable thermostat can save you money on your utility bill – up to 30%, if used as directed. You set it up to adjust the desired temperature when you are away from home or asleep – when you don’t necessarily need optimum comfort – and your heater or air conditioner equipment runs less. Plus, your heating or cooling comes back to a comfort level automatically when you come home or wake up. In addition, many of these units carry the EPA’s EnergyStar® rating and are designed to be very easy to use.

Sean Goding, President

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