A great (sustainable) place to do business…

Site Selection magazine recently ranked the State of Illinois as the top-ranked state in the nation for sustainability. More info here: https://t.co/9wcErgU1sx?amp=1

Jordan Abudayyeh, spokesperson for IL Governor J.B. Pritzker, spoke recently about Site Selection’s #1 ranking of Illinois, based on a number of environmental factors.

Site Selection magazine publishes “information for expansion planning decision-makers,” according to its website, and Abudayyeh said the top ranking is “an important selling point to potential businesses looking to put roots down in a state that demonstrates its commitment to the environment and provides them opportunities to contribute to a clean energy future.”

Pangea Development Company’s core mission includes an environment and design pillar so every Pangea project is done in a such a way to minimize impact and altering of the natural ecosystems. We applaud the State of Illinois on its efforts in these critical areas and for the great national press exposure.

Sean Goding, President

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