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Pangea Green Promotes the Sustainability of Our Environment

At the core of Pangea's development and design principles are its commitment to operations that not only have a positive environmental impact, but also promote the sustainability of the natural environment through appropriate design and selection of materials and processes that maximize energy flow and efficiency. Pangea Development Company encourages long-term property ownership and community investment with a focus on community, the natural environment, and extensive use of open space, walking paths, and common areas.

Pangea strives to promote "green" developments by utilizing advances in low impact, energy efficient development techniques. We focus on the protection of nature’s systems and habitats; maintain an active presence in the green community and assist other developers in their quest to utilize sustainable, LEED certified developments techniques such as:

  • Intelligent Building Design
  • High Efficiency Heating and Cooling
  • Energy and Water Conservation
  • Reduced Landfill Waste
  • Wetland Restoration, Native Plantings and Micro-topography
  • Use of Recycled Materials
  • Job-site Cost Cutting Strategies
  • Bio-detention Techniques

While ultimately the decision as to what level of sustainability is attained through design and operations rests with the respective developer, buyer, end user or homeowner, Pangea will continue to foster developments and participate in projects that meet the highest USGBC green building and performance measures; are environmentally and fiscally sustainable; and provide a healthy place to live and work.

"The Pangea team has a strong understanding of the critical nature of designing projects that are sustainable and represent a complimentary relationship between design, material and environment. They welcome new ideas and respect the opinions of others."

Sarah Nurmela • Architecture and Planning, AICP